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While I enjoy Guitar, I still would like to live long enough to learn Bass or a little Keyboard, maybe even smack a drum. Just have fun.
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Sir Roylance
United States

Born and raised in Utah I was encouraged at an early age when introduced to a Acoustic Guitar player his specialty was playing the Guitar with Finger Picks, my eyes popped out how he could manipulate the picks it dramatized sight with sound I was taken by emotion tears welled my eye’s I quickly wiped them away as they roll down my face maybe I was six or seven years old captured and amazed. This was first impressions as I grew, so did my interest.
Later in my life it was a Piano big bulky pressure on the keys which are designed to provide responsive feedback, either in the weight of keys or mechanical nature unsure how it works, press the keys it becomes responsive to the touch you can feel everything as it follows both downward pressure, but it’s the push back in an upward pressure, once completing the down stroke, there is an upward feedback pressure to the original set position of the key pressed in such a way the Piano, was alive e.g. reacting to the touch, push you, you the piano key pushes back in response or responsive to the touch. Suddenly, now I want to play Piano. No, not going to happen, when approached my father he acted as if I wanted to go to Disney Land or some other fantasy.

Born into a family of Sports enthusiasts money spent on those activities were more important at time. It wasn’t until around age 10 or so I started a lawn mowing business hitching a Red Flyer Wagon to my bike riding through the neighborhood asking if they would like me to mow their lawn. I remember a lady greeted me at her door and I noticed the piano behind her tempted while she gathered the money, I remember touching the top of the keys without making sound first impressions, a little here a little there.

Back to sports everything sports related hunting fishing, guns, animal husbandry as a family no time or the expense was spent on music.

Earning my spot on an All Star Team groomed as a Pitcher obsessive, compulsive, aggressive it is my nature, coupled with the help of a Professional Baseball Pitcher. Lucky me attending one of my games were Scouts looking for talent. But it wasn’t me. It happened in a game played against this other player, also a Pitcher on game day Professional Scouts seated themselves directly behind the catcher. As the game started my Skill coupled with a natural style they approached my dad saying he is a natural, apparently I possessed a strange ability to force the ball to rise or spin in such a way it cause the ball to fowl either up or down to the ground, not allowing the hitter to come into full contact. After their comment became the push I needed to become a professional to earn my spot, I needed to make subtile improvements.

Nothing else mattered, I’m all in so to speak. I could see a career in Baseball, forget school or at least attempt a grade to pass (I didn’t.) the plan, workout everyday, in the gym weights, arm strength, stretch cool down, my workouts involved the asthma attacks short 15 minutes breaks to recover (I have work hardening of the lung, they don’t know what it is, so they name it asthma). Plagued between my asthma attacks and horrible batting average I struggled. Repeat build, tear down re-build grow, but then it all came to a stop.

Unable to pursue a career in professional Baseball with an injury, the Tendons running down from my shoulder to my elbow became inflamed (Auto-immune system dis-order, with no name of the illness again, what else to call it.) that ending my life pursuit with it any hope. The Life changing path, so did the people around me. The loss was devastating, I drifted into another life without Baseball with it my dreams.

After that, I avoided sports or people in sports, didn’t fit in anymore it only produced pain to think about it, with it embarrassment, depression. Then, got the itch, (Interest in Girls) I enrolled in Band class. Trust me when I say this, short of learning anything about music. I just wanted something I could drift through get a grade meet people, (Girls) now impressed by people who play instruments. Back then “Rock-n-Roll” the Beatles the Drums, the Bass, Keyboard music can help me end despair, now slowly becoming a passion, with no idea how it fit other than help depression. One day there was a talent show at school, I watched “Russell Thomas” Play drums on stage, now my future began to take shape, I couldn’t play music back then just mimic other peoples movement or sounds etc I would hide any sounds if possible as to not draw attention to myself lol. Now, looking back at the time I wasted, thinking just because I had stage fright I threw the baby out with the bathwater, it’s just not me, the stage wasn’t to be.

But, had I or someone else insisted to look deeper beyond the ego of the stage and invested time and energy actively become one with my instrument I could have been much more than just what I really was having resigned it wasn’t me, not possible. Instead by all intent and word was a groupie, carry their equipment hang around listen as they practiced their craft give the voice of encouragement, then one day it happened. The Band needed Bass Player missing in action they put me on the spot I remember sweating my hands shook until the Bass was and in my control instructed play just 3 notes, easy right? Russell said it’s easy just watch me, I’ll let you know when to play first note second and third. After obtaining the timing just 3 notes was so simple, While still caught up in the idea, I was able to assist them with a song, at the moment it was all I wanted shy getting attention. Noticing my embarrassment they realized, congratulations settled my need to leave now inspired and music again embraced my life, a little here a little there.

I was hooked, I purchased a Guitar, it was an occasional therapeutical experience with an instrument nothing more no more needed, the stage not for me.

Those individuals are included on this site, they continued their pursuit in music, while I noodled now and then with the guitar not really getting better or worse. After retiring I helped a friend move his lifetime work his business, his heart and soul he also began a career owner of a “Maco Auto-body and Paint”

Steve Long, Sir Longsalot, now entering his retirement had a plan, something profound he said: I’m going to write and continue my music from now on. Boom, ok sent a suddenly realization.

It changed my mind, made me think. What do I want to do in retirement? I myself also needing a path, I said, ya, I want that.

Taking time, I spoke with “Steve” this site resulted by our discussion about my history the name, “Roylance” providing a path to continue my pursuit of 15 years research why is that name even spoken of in history, Historians claim we descended from a “Knight” not my claim, theirs.

Found: (Cheshire notes and Quires vol 5-6 page: 220 3rd paragraph.)

“ The Two places show that they are of high antiquity, as they are mentioned within fifty years of Canutes’s death, and, as the two places are also within the boundaries under Danish Jurisdiction - viz., where Canute held sway - it would be reasonable to suppose that history has handed down the truth in the tradition that Knutsford was really the “ford” of the Danish king. Again, in this locality and neighborhood are surnames of Danish origin, which is significant again of the Danish rule here.

Mr Green gives several as belonging to Knutsford of a Scandinavian or Danish origin, and these are - (Roylance - Banner take note: The name Banner or to say followed by Bannermen then concludes.) Thorley, Leigh, Occlestion, Ravenscroft, Palin, Brandon, and last Hallard.

Except in one particular, and that is his conduct towards the family of his predecessors, Canute might be termed a wise and great king, and as said of him, “Proud may we be, if the footsteps of such a king ever passed along the soil of Cheshire, for he had a soul to know and love the right.” As well as making new laws and regulations, Canute employed himself in the building of Churches and monasteries; neither did he disdain the (note: “art of verse making, and there is still on record the first stanza of some well-known lines of his - now notice something interesting, he was a song writer but also wrote of the act 200 ships carried with him were nobles of fighting stature 10,000, The invading army was composed primarily of mercenaries.

Now to the song -

Cheerful sang the monks of Ely,
As Cnut the king was passing by;

“ Row to the shore, (knights) said the king, and let us hear these churchmen sing.”

Roy - Lance e.g. Roy - King, Hero, Warrior.
Lance - Spear or equestrian knight.

From this conversation in a room filled with Swords, Shields, adorn the room, while “Steve worked to make my Guitar tune properly he adjusted the bridge etc.”

I began scanning the room I asked Steve, hey your really into this medieval stuff, what if I told you, I am a “knight” but name only then I said and more so, I can make you a knight. Suddenly he laughed, then we laughed at the thought.

I said, the “Knights Garter” dated 1046ad states that a sanctioned knight can also knight others, it’s not just the Pope or King. It is to the judgement of another knight to wittiness their bravery on the Battlefield courage, strength, ability, training, experience. My personal experience in public, utter horror at the thought, like a nerve exposed to the world, since childhood. I become so drenched with fear viewers witness me cascade, you might be able to open my my with a crowbar, maybe. lol

Anyway we began the process of inventing a name for us what banner do we fly, “knightsturntable” was funny maybe even clever to some, but the idea to bring talented people together find them in what ever walk of life. A community. Musicians, Artists, Writers, Creators.

All are welcome, Retirees, Burgeoning young people, maybe already musicians, Just currently undergoing a transformation from everyday people to suddenly on stage, they are an artist enjoying their expression, allowing others to enjoy with them, sometimes it’s a memory or several that stay with them for life.

I lost my career in retirement. But regained my passion, using skills gained from my career, I hope to immerse myself in music and music related creative artistic people. The same creative people that influenced me, they are my fellow Knights. In addition I gain new friends daily, skilled and talented people.

Together I hope to Collaborate, share thoughts idea’s, inspiration. Looking forward to work with people in other Genre either Country, Rock, Jazz, Blues, it’s all good or just to watch others as a spectator, the best part.

Reach out to me at