“The Knights of the TurnTable” are one band under one banner. No Religion, Politics or Organizations that support them. This is a Knowledge based community, Music the Central Focus.

Plato said that “music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life, and to everything”. 

We enjoy members who wish to continue to pursue either an instrument or vocal. We encourage creating music, lyrics, to share with others. To be Knighted, must have experience, performed in public, knowing structure of their instrument, chords, notes, how to play them, having some degree of skill with their instrument. Stringed instruments, wind, percussion, Keyboards, other.

For those who are able to assist their song writing often rely electronic devices to help fill in where another person could play an instrument to complete a composition is acceptable.

Basically, it would be difficult to create music of today, during the middle ages, because electronics did not exist, but a real instrument is a Knights weapon. The stage is the battlefield, and the way to be Knighted. Otherwise still training and learning.

Squire - the start point for any serious Musician and is the most important stage to learn the craft, learn grown and adapt. 

“The Guild” is a location for our Artist, Dancers, Theatrics, Writers, Poets, Trades, etc. Much like one would find in a Middle age Village or within the courts, Educators, Shop Keepers, Printers, Trades. (Coming Soon)   

“Control over music is control over character; rhythm and melody are more powerful than words.”

- Socrates -

We seek solace inside music to express the freedom to feel it. Sonically, on an atomic level, we are all connected. We are driven by desire to be self governed rather than socially controlled, or be blown about by forces of desire, rather we choose courage to choose to our destiny as “The Knights of the Turntable” to live a purpose driven life, often supporting idealistic movements in search of ideals essential to meaningful living, self worth, and artistic expression. Fulfilling the need to live in wonder, in an ever evolving purpose driven life or lifestyle, finding peace in aesthetic experience.